CTEq works with and through the corporate community to help improve STEM literacy in the U.S.—both in school and out of school. Our members are committed to working with states and local communities, which provide more than 90 percent of public funding for education, to improve STEM learning.

Vital Signs

Featuring customizable tables, easy-to-read information, and thousands of data points that are not available elsewhere, Vital Signs is a one-of-a-kind resource that can help strengthen your STEM outreach efforts, guide policymaking decisions, and make the case for smart investments in your state or nationwide.  Vital Signs includes a national overview as well as reports for each state and the District of Columbia. Vital Signs also offers a closer look at critical challenges in a series of briefs and infographics on a variety of topics.

Business Leader's Guide to Mobilizing State Action on STEM

The Business Leader's Guide to Mobilizing State Action on STEM offers guidance and information about effective strategies for advocating for smart STEM policies.