Do You Run an Excellent STEM Program? Apply for Iowa Scale Up Initiative

September 5, 2017

If you need a respite from the daily diet of partisan gridlock and political brawling, take a look at Iowa. The bipartisan Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council there has opened doors to world-class STEM education opportunities for some 400,000 K-12 students across the state since 2012.

Today, the Council is working with Change the Equation to bring leading STEM education programs to as many as one in five Iowa students next school year. If you run a STEM education program, be sure to check out the new request for applications.

Iowa is among a growing of states where leaders from government, business, higher ed, and K-12 put aside political differences and collaborate to improve STEM Education. Most important, the state house commits substantial funds to the effort, which lends it influence and staying power. 

Would you like to see something similar take root in your own state? Learn how it's done from our short history of the Iowa effort, which is hot off the presses.  To understand the Council’s impressive impact, take a look at their 2015/16 outcomes report. Here's one especially compelling tidbit: "minority students who participated in the STEM Scale-Up Program scored an average of 10 percentage points higher in National Percentile Rank in mathematics and 8 points higher in science compared to minority students who had not participated."

We hope more states take Iowa's lead.

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