Common Core Round Up: The Debate Doesn’t Take a Holiday

July 16, 2014

Summertime and the livin’ is easy . . . unless you’re talking about Common Core.  Last month, CTEq CEO Linda Rosen discussed the ongoing battles in a number of states in our CTEq NOW newsletter (more here), but that was just the beginning of what state leaders have in store.

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There Are More STEM Jobs than You Think

July 14, 2014

Brace yourself for the next round in the battle over whether or not there is a STEM skills shortage. The Census Bureau reported on Thursday that almost three out of four people with a bachelor’s degree in STEM take jobs outside of STEM. “Aha!” cry the skeptics: that just goes to show that all those hard-luck cases with degrees in subjects like engineering or computer science have to settle for jobs outside of STEM to put food on the table.

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This Month in STEM, World Cup Edition - Jersey Tech

July 11, 2014

We’ve arrived at the last stage of the World Cup (Sunday’s final match between Germany and Argentina) and also the last installment of our STEM in soccer series!  If you’re like us, you’re sad to see the end of the tournament but, even more so, you’ll miss seeing fans show off their pride in their teams’ colors. 

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Guest Blog: Verizon Invests in ConnectED

July 10, 2014

Rose Stuckey Kirk is President of the Verizon Foundation and Vice President of Global Corporate Citizenship at Verizon

By putting technology in K-12 students’ hands, President Obama’s

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Happy Fourth of July!

July 4, 2014

Our office is closed today, but we want to extend a very happy birthday to the United States, land of the innovators and home of discovery! 

This Month in STEM, World Cup Edition - Science of Group Stage

July 3, 2014

With this holiday week almost at an end, we're taking a brief look back at some of the best plays in the group stage of the World Cup and the scientific principles that made them possible. 

ESPN's Sport Science created a short video that analyzes three great goals and one amazing save from the first round of play and, believe it or not, knowing the STEM behind them makes them even more fun to watch!

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Gallup Poll Shows Majority of Superintendents See CCSS as Improvement on Education

July 2, 2014

In the recently released “Understanding Perspectives on American Public Education,” a majority of school district superintendents from across the country offered their opinions on a variety of hot topics in education today, including Common Core State Standards. (SPOILER ALERT: it turns out that a majority think CCSS are an improvement!)

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CTEq Newsletter: A Crisis in Common Core?

July 1, 2014

In June's edition of the CTEq NOW Newsletter, CEO Linda Rosen questions the co-called crisis befalling Common Core State Standards.  Also, Michael Gass, President & CEO of United Launch Alliance talks sending rockets into space and students down a path toward exciting careers in STEM. 

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