Awards Season

October 6, 2015

It's awards season and we couldn't be more excited! No, not the Emmys, Oscars, or Tonys . . . the Nobels. This week marks the announcement of Nobel prizes in Physiology or Medicine, Physics, and Chemistry (along with Literature and the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize).  Yesterday, the Physiology or Medicine prize was awarded to William C.

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STEMtistic on Display: Computer Programming Pays

October 5, 2015

It's no secret that STEM jobs are lucrative and auspicious. And our latest STEMtistic is just more confirmation of that fact. Computer programmers with just some college do better than non-STEM workers with a bachelor's degree. Another great reason to learn to code!

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TGI-Manufacturing Day!

October 2, 2015

It's a special day in the STEM world, one that celebrates the wonders of manufacturing.

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What are the top and bottom five states for minorities in computing?

September 18, 2015

By now, it’s well known that our tech economy has a diversity problem. As tech jobs soar and the nation grows much more diverse, the scarcity of minorities in computing is raising fears of talent shortages and economic stagnation. Yet some states seem much closer than others to cracking the diversity code—and the winners of the tech diversity challenge are not the states we usually credit with driving the tech economy.

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Another Big Boost for Computer Science

September 17, 2015

It's been a big week for computer science. First, New York City announces that all students in all of its schools will have access to computer science within ten years (more here), and then our friends at Microsoft announce a plan to spend $75 million to boost computer science in schools.

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Guest Blog: Lily de los Rios of Symantec

September 17, 2015

What first sparked your interest in STEM?

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A Computer Science Coup in NYC

September 16, 2015

We're bursting at the seams with excitement about a recent announcement about computer science in New York City Schools. Mayor De Blasio will announce today that within the next ten years, all of the city's schools will be required to offer computer science to all of its more than 1.1 million students. Let's just pause and take that in for a moment.

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STEM Success in Dallas

September 15, 2015

It's no secret that America is facing a shortage of STEM workers. Over the next five years, employers expect to replace a million employees needing basic STEM literacy and more than 600,000 employees needing advanced STEM knowledge. So what can businesses do to get kids interested in STEM build a pipeline for related careers?

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Work-Based Learning: A Win-Win for Students and Employers

September 11, 2015

This is the first of a series of blogs about work-based learning in STEM.

It’s no secret that the STEM skills gap is real and growing. With the school year geting under way, now is an opportune time for employers to double down and solve that problem where it begins—in K–12 education. One of the best ways to do that is by getting employees engaged in providing work-based learning experiences for students.

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Redesigned Vital Signs: a Powerful Tool for Making Change

September 10, 2015

Since 2012, CTEq’s Vital Signs tool has been the go-to place for information and data on the state of STEM education where you live and work. But we’ve taken things up a notch. Today, we mark the launch of a much more powerful and user-friendly Vital Signs with rich new data, a beautiful new look, and—most important—a new focus on solutions to the many challenges in STEM education that the data highlights.

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