Carolina Biological Supply Company

"For more than 85 years, Carolina has supported students, teachers, and science education because we understand that science unlocks career opportunities and is needed to create informed, science-literate citizens."

- Jim Parrish, CEO

Why is your company signing the Commitment to Excellence?

Carolina Biological Supply Company believes the study of all facets of science (including technology, engineering, and math) is vital if we are to understand the world around us. In addition, STEM literacy can unlock career opportunities for some, and it enables all of us to become informed, critical-thinking citizens.

What are your company’s specific PreK-12 STEM interests (e.g. computer programming, robotics, engineering, etc.)?

Science education.

What PreK-12 STEM programs, particularly those contained in STEMworks, does your company support?

Carolina supports the Smithsonian’s Science and Technology Concepts™ (STC Program™), a K-8 hands-on science curriculum; Inquiries in Science®, a grades 9-12 inquiry-based lab program for biology, chemistry, and environmental science; and STEM Challenge, a kit series for grades 6-12 offering STEM supplemental hands-on activities.

Please share ways in which your company collaborates with state/local organizations or other companies around STEM learning.

As part of its commitment to students, teachers, and science education, Carolina helps schools and districts pilot, plan for, and implement the Smithsonian’s STC Program™ and the Inquiries in Science® program. In partnership with the North Carolina Science Festival, Carolina sponsors a STEM-based statewide competition for middle and high school students. Carolina also is a sponsor of and provides materials for the North Carolina Science Olympiad, which engages K-12 students in STEM learning and innovation.