Motorola Solutions

“Leaders have to advance STEM education to create a pipeline they can use to continually renew their companies with current and fresh ideas. For technology companies, this constant inflow of knowledge and capability is our life blood—more crucial than any other supply chain. As leaders, we cannot afford to ignore this but have to cultivate it.”

- Greg Brown, Chairman and CEO

Why is your company signing the Commitment to Excellence?

As a company with a long history of technological excellence and innovation, we understand the importance of a solid education in science and technology to ensuring successful futures for today’s students.

What are your company’s specific PreK-12 STEM interests (e.g. computer programming, robotics, engineering, etc.)?

We believe giving students, hands-on, experiential learning opportunities is a great way to inspire students to enter STEM fields, especially for women and girls, minorities, or students who have been turned off to STEM in the past.  Often, hands-on, team based programs teach students not only the technical skills of solving a science or engineering challenge, but also the teamwork skills necessary for the modern workforce.

What PreK-12 STEM programs, particularly those contained in STEMworks, does your company support?

Our philanthropic arm, the Motorola Solutions Foundation, and our employees volunteer to support approximately 100 STEM education programs each year in North America, and over a dozen more outside of North America.  We support many programs that are part of STEMworks, including  GirlStart, the National Academy Foundation, Science Buddies, and TechBridge.

Please share ways in which your company collaborates with state/local organizations or other companies around STEM learning.

We collaborate with nonprofit, government, and business partners in many ways.  We are members of organizations like Change the Equation, the STEM Funders Network, and others.  We also work with nonprofits and school districts to make sure programs are supported and running effectively.