State Farm

“STEM learning is critical in a more complex and rigorous educational environment that today’s students require to be successful in the workplace and in life.”  

- Edward B. Rust Jr. Chairman and CEO

Why is your company signing the Commitment to Excellence?

State Farm is committed to supporting efforts that improve educational outcomes for all students and to help prepare them for college and careers.  In today’s workplace, STEM skills are a necessary building block for success.

What are your company’s specific PreK-12 STEM interests (e.g. computer programming, robotics, engineering, etc.)?

We believe that STEM skills translate to a variety of opportunities for students.  

What PreK-12 STEM programs, particularly those contained in STEMworks, does your company support?

We don’t currently provide philanthropic support for any PreK-12 STEM programs but have provided grants to youth-led efforts within communities that enable them to apply STEM skills to solving community issues.

Please share ways in which your company collaborates with state/local organizations or other companies around STEM learning.

We work with many state/local business organizations to improve educational outcomes for students – all of which require an understanding of STEM and its impact on student achievement.  Within our home state of Illinois, we have been actively engaged with two local school districts that are building a Cloud platform to help students/teachers/parents collaborate around student success.