Time Warner Cable

“Time Warner Cable is deeply committed to connecting young minds to the wonders of STEM. That commitment is rooted in our desire to inspire the next generation of problem solvers in this country and strengthen the future pipeline of talent in our business—which was built on a strong foundation of technology and innovation. Thanks to our dedicated employees, numerous partners, and the public, we are showing the world that not only is STEM critical to our future, it can also be fun to learn and lead to interesting, exciting careers."

- Robert D. Marcus, Chairman & CEO

Why is your company signing the Commitment to Excellence?

Time Warner Cable is signing the Commitment to Excellence because as a company, we have a particular opportunity to educate students about STEM opportunities and improve STEM learning outside the classroom. Our business ties us closely to the engine of popular culture. Our media assets give us the opportunity to shape a more accurate, more inspiring view of STEM. And, perhaps most importantly, we have a vested interest in seeing the next generation succeed in these fields, as our business depends upon technology and innovation.

What are your company’s specific PreK-12 STEM interests (e.g. computer programming, robotics, engineering, etc.)?

Time Warner Cable's approach to inspiring excellence in STEM is to invest our resources in organizations and programs – both nationally and locally - that connect young people to the wonders of STEM through hands-on experiential learning during out-of-school time, with a specific focus on those that reach middle-school age students.

What PreK-12 STEM programs, particularly those contained in STEMworks, does your company support?

Time Warner Cable supports a wide range of programs that share our commitment to inspiring young people's interest in STEM through hands-on, informal learning. These include FIRST Robotics, Science Buddies, and Girlstart, among many others. In addition, Time Warner Cable is proud to partner with organizations like the Boys and Girls Club and Y-USA to bring quality STEM learning to the students they serve every day.

Please share ways in which your company collaborates with state/local organizations or other companies around STEM learning.

Time Warner Cable collaborates with state/local organizations and companies around STEM learning in a variety of ways. For example, TWC is a member of the STEM Funders Network, which includes both corporate and family foundations that share best practices around investment in STEM education and collaborate on support of select projects.

We also engage leadership of both local and national organizations through our Connect a Million Minds National Advisory Board, which includes: Jodi Grant, Executive Director of the After School Alliance; Josh Schuler, Executive Director of the Lemelson-MIT Program; Dean Kamen, CEO of DEKA Research & Development Corporate and founder of FIRST, and Margaret Honey, President & CEO of the New York Hall of Science.

Through its monthly, 30 minute television show – It Ain’t Rocket Science – TWC helps numerous local organizations and companies invested in STEM learning to tell their story to millions of TWC subscribers.

With our Connectory, a free, zip code searchable database of thousands of local afterschool and informal STEM learning opportunities, we engage organizations all over the country to share their program information in a way that will make it easy for parents to find. 

On a project by project basis, we also collaborate with specific organizations and companies whose core competencies complement our on. For example, for our 2012 “Wouldn’t It Be Cool If…” invention competition for youth, we collaborated with i.am FIRST, founded by entertainer will.i.am, and innovation agency, Fahrenheit 212, which helped bring a young person’s winning invention idea to life.

More information on our collaborations can be found here: http://www.connectamillionminds.com/news