Xerox Corporation

“American universities are graduating fewer scientists and engineers than their global competitors; as a result companies like Xerox, which are dependent on innovation and creativity, must cultivate an interest in science and engineering education to fuel our future success.”

 “At Xerox we take seriously our responsibility to invest in STEM education to create the leaders of tomorrow.  It ensures a future workforce full of unique perspectives that will drive our businesses and our country forward. “ 

- Ursula Burns, Chairman & CEO

Why is your company signing the Commitment to Excellence?

Xerox believes in the power of education.  For decades, we have invested in developing the next generation of scientists, engineers, inventors and leaders because we, along with many American companies, succeed through innovation, collaboration and the fresh ideas of our people.  We have always been smart about our investments, supporting programs that work, that make a difference and provide the largest return on our investment.  We partnered with CTEq because we believe in its mission.  Further it is mobilizing at a critical point in our history, when the US is losing ground to other nations in preparing its workforce. 

By signing the Commitment to Excellence we take that commitment to yet another level.  We pledge to align our best efforts with those of our CTEq partners, collectively working to solve the problems facing our companies, our children and our nation.  

What are your company’s specific PreK-12 STEM interests (e.g. computer programming, robotics, engineering, etc.)?

Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering

What PreK-12 STEM programs, particularly those contained in STEMworks, does your company support?

Xerox supports a diverse platform of STEM initiatives that engages students from an early age—starting in third grade through their senior year in high school. 

The STEMWorks programs we support is the National Academy Foundation.  In the fall of 2007, Xerox provided a grant to the National Academy Foundation’s Academy of Engineering Initiative to support the creation of academies of engineering in high schools across the country.  The academies are designed for 9th to 12th graders and meet national and state standards in mathematics, science, technology, communication and social studies.  A key focus was to include women and minorities in the study of engineering.  The NAF initiative was developed in collaboration with Project Lead The Way and the National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering.    Xerox continues to be involved with NAF academies across the country.

Other PreK-12 programs:

The Xerox Science Consultant Program lets kids experiment the way scientists do through hands on science lessons. Started in 1968, the program unites Xerox scientists and engineers with teachers under one common goal: to reinforce science concepts for third, fourth, fifth and sixth graders. For more than forty years, the Xerox Science Consultant Program has made science fun for hundreds of thousands of students.

Xerox’s partnership with FIRST (For the Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) allows students and Xerox engineers to build a programmed, fully functional robot—from a box of parts or a bag of Legos®.  As a founding sponsor, Xerox has been supporting FIRST since 1992 and holds a seat on its executive advisory board. The partnership has helped thousands of students channel their curiosity through a challenging and fun-filled program that shows “real-life” science and engineering concepts at work. The FIRST Lego League program targets grades 4-8 and FIRST Robotics targets grades 9-12.

Please share ways in which your company collaborates with state/local organizations or other companies around STEM learning.

Xerox has cultivated and nurtured our partnerships with local school districts, their teachers and administrators where Xerox education programs like NAF, FIRST and the Science Consultant Program are in place.  We realize that we need to collaborate and work together to move the needle and deliver results. 

Additionally, Xerox has invested in many state and community colleges that are doing great work.  Our University Affairs Grant program partners leading research institutions with Xerox scientists to collaborate on cutting edge research and projects.  We have also established strong partnerships with community colleges like Monroe Community College in New York and those who are dedicated to creating and offering innovative solutions to the various STEM education challenges.