Improving Philanthropy

Each year, U.S. companies spend nearly a billion dollars on programs to boost young people’s learning in STEM.  But what difference are those investments actually making? CTEq has developed tools that empower our members and other funders to get the best ROI from their philanthropic dollars.


A searchable, user-friendly database of in-school and out-of-school STEM learning programs that have been independently evaluated against a rigorous rubric, STEMworks allows funders to find proven programs that meet their own philanthropic priorities.

Design Principles and Rubric

Every STEM program included in STEMworks has met CTEq’s rigorous Design Principles for Effective STEM Philanthropy. Created in conjunction with leaders in corporate social responsibility, these Principles and the accompanying Rubric embody the best research on what works in STEM learning.

Ready-to-Scale Programs

CTEq invited all programs in its STEMworks database of effective STEM programs to submit evidence of their ability to promptly scale nationally.  Four programs were selected as being most Ready to Scale nationwide.

Start With STEM

Learn more about our nationwide effort to give 1.5 million students a good start in STEM education this year.

Work-Based Learning: An Employer's Guide

Businesses in every industry need workers with strong STEM skills, but employers often struggle to find these workers. One critical way to help bridge the STEM skills gap: supporting work-based learning opportunities for students during the K-12 years. This guide is aimed at helping employers understand the ins and outs of work-based learning—and how to make it successful for businesses and students alike.

New Opportunities to Work with California Schools: An Employer's Guide

California is urging its school districts to forge stronger partnerships with school districts, and the state is even putting its money where its mouth is. Businesses have more opportnities to join school district leaders at the planning table, and the state continues to put serious money behind efforts to promote school-based learning. This guide gives business leaders detailed advice on how to take advantage of these incentives.