Press Releases 2011

New Report Warns that U.S. Student Science Achievement Threatened by Alarming State Variations in Measuring Learning

Lack of consistency across states creates patchwork of “proficiency” requirements and misleading information on how well students are being prepared for high school, college and careers

CTEq Supports the Second Annual Computer Science Education Week

Spotlighting the Importance of Computer Science to the Future of Education and Innovation

National STEM Learning Coalition Welcomes New Board Member Accenture Chairman William D. Green Joins Change the Equation

Change the Equation, a national coalition of 110 CEOs committed to improving science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) learning for U.S. K-12 students, announced that William “Bill” D. Green has accepted a position on its board of directors.

CEOs to Governors: Set Higher Bar for Students in Math and Science

New state-by-state reports examine STEM learning outcomes and offer recommendations

CEOs Tell Governors to Level with Parents on How U.S. Kids Are Doing in Math and Science

Business leaders pledge to support state leaders who resist political pressure to lower expectations

Science Fairs Can Thrive in an Climate of High Standards

On February 4th, The New York Times published an article suggesting that federal policies promoting high standards and accountability have threatened science fairs. Dr Craig R. Barrett, Chair of Change the Equation’s Board, responds.

Grab this Sputnik moment

"This is our Sputnik moment. We’re rapidly running out of time. We need to act in a focused, concerted fashion and we need to do it now. Change the Equation is one important piece of the solution." Ursula Burns, Xerox CEO and CTEq Board member, in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.

Ask the President about STEM Learning!

President Obama will give his State of the Union address on Tuesday, January 25th at 9 pm EST. This year, you will have an opportunity to submit your own question about the State of our Union for an exclusive interview with the President that YouTube will stream live two days later.