Press Releases 2014

CEOs Say Skills Gap Threatens U.S Economic Future

The skills gap is real and is a problem, the CEOs of major U.S. corporations said today at an event in Washington hosted by Business Roundtable and Change the Equation. The finding is part of a survey of the memberships on U.S. STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) Skills, conducted earlier this year.

Corporate CEOs Reach 330,000 Young People Through High-Quality STEM Programs, Will Reach 1 Million by the End of 2016

November 20 – Washington, D.C. – Change the Equation’s coalition of CEOs have reached more than 330,000 young people through high quality STEM programs in 2104, the organization announced today. Forty-four of the organization’s member companies have invested in 21 different high-quality STEM programs to advance STEM literacy. Today, CTEq is celebrating progress towards its multi-year commitment: to expand some of the nation's most effective STEM education programs to at least 1 million young people across the country by the end of 2016.

Change the Equation and Iowa Partner to Scale STEM Programs in the State

The collaboration between CTEq and the Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council will dramatically expand Iowa students’ access to STEM education opportunities

CTEq Denounces Governor Jindal’s Executive Order Pulling Out of Common Core

June 18 -- Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s unilateral decision to reject Common Core State Standards and pull out of the PARCC testing consortium smacks of political pandering to a vocal minority that has demonized the standards. Jindal, who previously championed the standards, incorrectly claims that they are a federal intrusion into state policies. In fact, a consortium of states developed the standards, and Louisiana voluntarily adopted them.

CTEq Urges North Carolina to Stay the Course on Common Core

June 13 -- Pending legislation in North Carolina that aims to repeal the state’s buy-in to the Common Core State Standards is of grave concern and potentially compromises the futures of the states’ schoolchildren. We admire Governor Pat McCrory’s and State Superintendent June Atkinson’s steadfast and sensible support for the standards in light of irresponsible talk by a vocal minority of elected officials.

CTEq Denounces Oklahoma’s Decision to Quash Common Core

June 6 -- Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin’s decision to sign a bill walking back on the state’s commitment to Common Core State Standards is short-sighted and ill-advised. Her reasoning, that the standards are a federal intrusion into state standard-setting, is simply untrue. Further, denouncing the standards in the name of “states’ rights” shortchanges the students in Oklahoma and sets back the process for ensuring that all Oklahoma graduates are prepared for college, career, and life.

Change the Equation Announces 26 Corporate Signatories to its Commitment to Excellence in STEM

Change the Equation’s (CTEq) Commitment to Excellence in STEM is galvanizing the corporate community to increase science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) literacy in the U.S. Signatory companies, in signing the Commitment, are pledging to ensure that their collective contribution to K-12 STEM learning has an impact far beyond its combined financial investment, which is less than one percent of the total expenditures on K-12 education